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Deer Antler

Deer Antler

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Deer antler is a highly valued and potent herb, known for its ability to improve life and support Yang Jing. It is commonly used in Chinese herbalism to nourish and restore the sexual energy of both men and women, helping to promote vitality and rejuvenation in the body. In some parts of China, deer antler is considered the most valuable tonic herb. It also helps to restore Kidney Yin and is beneficial for the Heart and Liver. Deer antler helps to build and circulate Blood and Qi. It is a powerful restorative herb, useful for recovering from exhaustion, restoring energy, and promoting longevity and virility. Deer antler velvet is the only mammal organ that can regenerate itself; this regenerative ability is one of the reasons why deer antler is so highly valued. We take great care in the sourcing of this ancient herb, respecting the deer as much as the ancient Taoists did. The deer antler is harvested from Cervus nippon deer while it is forming new bone. The deer are never raised for meat and are kept in clean and spacious stalls and allowed to roam open pastures. It is not recommended to use deer antler while in an acute stage of flu, cold or fever. It should be stored at a temperature below 30°C and kept away from children. It is packed in Australia from imported ingredients. It is advised to consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner or health professional if unsure if this medicine is suitable. The main ingredient is Cervus Nippon (cultivated, humanely harvested red deer antler velvet). It has many health benefits, such as reducing stress, improving blood, bones, fatigue, heart, hormones, kidney, libido, liver, and Three Treasures.


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