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Naked Broth- Tumeric & Black Pepper

Naked Broth- Tumeric & Black Pepper

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Naked Broth Hormone free, grass fed, free range bone broth. Like a hug in a mug, our bone broth powder nourishes the body and feeds the soul. Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and deep in flavour. Freeze dried concentrate 4:1 to preserve and eliminate the need for preservatives and additives, our naked broth is nutritional in depth and ethical in its production. Our recipe fills a gap in the broth and stock market for those who want to feel safe knowing that they won’t be absorbing any toxic chemicals, antibiotics, or growth hormones from the bones and produce. Our hand made broth is cooked with love to deliver you the most healing, tasty and versatile product on the market. The adaptogenic Super mushroom blend harnesses the decades long Chinese medicinal purpose of mushrooms such as chaga, maitake, lions mane and Reishi to nourish the body and enhance your health and well-being. It has slight depth from the mushrooms which adds a level of flavour that is comforting and soul nourishing. The Tumeric and Pepper, has a subtle light warm spice flavour. It harnesses the curcumin in the Tumeric and activation Pepperine of the pepper, to bring you a proven anti inflammatory blend that can soothe the body and digestive system. Serving Size is 20gms but this depends on personal flavour preference. So if drinking stand alone adjust the serving of freeze dried concentrate to make it perfect for your individual taste buds. If adding to soups, stews and family meals, I personally would add 20g per litre of water as the liquid broth to powder concentrate is 4:1. Beef Bones sourced Locally in Mudgee, NSW and Wingham NSW Australia. Broth Made and Freeze dried in Mudgee, NSW, Australia.


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