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Tranquility Bath Soak

Tranquility Bath Soak

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Rose oil is carefully harvested by hand in the morning when the flowers are most fragrant and the oil content is highest. It takes a lot of roses to make just one drop of this precious oil, which is known as the "Queen of all Flowers" due to its strong connection to love and the heart. In Turkish Hamam, a bottle of rose oil, known as an "Attar", is kept in a wooden case and used to sprinkle the essence on the body and hair after bathing. iKOU's Tranquility bath soak is inspired by this sacred ritual and is made with pure rose oil, rose geranium, and palmarosa essential oils. This blend is designed to help you reconnect with your feminine side, comfort your heart, and provide a transformative experience. The ingredients include Epsom salt, fine water-washed sea salts, French red superfine clay, rose petals, and the essential oils mentioned above.


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